Definition of product defects


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Definition of product defects


Definition of defect / Định nghĩa lỗi

Critical defect : Lỗi nghiêm trọng

A critical defect is a defect which may give rise to conditions which are assumed or known to be dangerous or unsafe to persons using, servicing or acquiring the article.

If one of more defective units revealing critical defects are found in a sample size, the whole consignment must be subjected to a thorough (i.e. 100%) inspection for these defects.

Major defect : Lỗi nặng

A major defect can result in failure or impaired serviceability of the product regarding the capacity for which it was intended. It could be easily spotted by the customer at the time of purchase. Example of major defects:


  • Items which do not function / Sản phẩm không đủ chức năng
  • Items which malfunction / Sản phẩm có vấn đề
  • Any damage which may give rise to reasonable complaints to customer / Bất kỳ thiệt hại nào có thể dẫn đến khiếu nại hợp lý cho khách hàng
  • Probability of necessity for after sales services or the return of the item by the consumer / Các lỗi dẫn đến khả năng người tiêu dùng yêu cầu dịch vụ sau bán hàng hoặc trả hàng

Minor defect: Lỗi nhẹ

A minor defect is a defect which slightly impairs the serviceability of the item or use in the capacity for which it was intended or reveals any slight divergences from the applicable standard without, however, substantially impairing its saleability at the intended price. It would affect the outer appearance of the product but it is only noticeable to the consumer after a careful examination.